Posted on: 16 May, 2018

Author: AndrewJ

Are you planning to move your tree to a new location? Here are a few steps to move your tree successfully into its new home. You need to plan well to make the move correctly so that the tree grows properly in its new location. There are numerous reasons a homeowner decides to move a tree. Maybe it was planted excessively near the house or other structures, and now it has congested its space. Possibly you’re doing some sort of remodelling that incorporate placing something unique in the area where the tree is.   On the other hand, maybe you are moving to a new house and wish you could take your beloved trees with you. No matter what’s the reason, fortunately you can securely move a tree with a couple of crucial steps.     For moving a tree, you’ll require a tarp, a watering hose, a shovel, and mulch. Apart from that, you should get someone to help you in this task, relying upon the length of the tree.     In many areas of Australia, spring is considered as the right time to move and plant trees. If that is impractical, you can do it in the winters. Try not to move a tree during the summer season on the grounds of the fact that the heat will additionally put extra pressure the plant. If you don't know when a particular type of tree needs to be moved, you should call a local arborist or a tree removal company.     Think about this, contemplating about the amount of sun, shade, water and dry soil your specific type of tree will require is crucial. Likewise, try to give it enough area far from any boundaries or other trees or plants, so it can extend and develop properly.     The new and fresh opening needs to be twice as wide as the root. Try not to loosen the dirt at the base of the opening. While digging, you need to heap up the dirt on one side of the opening.     This must be done precisely, make sure you limit the damage to your tree's root as much as possible. Put your tarp close to the tree, and then begin the digging work around 3 feet from the base of the tree trunk. While doing this, find out that exactly how huge the root is and where it's located.   Then, dig it properly with extra caution. However, if you think that this task is too difficult to handle, then hire professional tree removal services Sydney  who will remove your tree from one place and plant it properly at another location in a completely hassle-free manner.     Planting the tree is one of the most difficult tasks of the entire project. It is even more difficult than removing a tree safely from its original place. You need to firmly place the tree in its new hole while making sure that no damage is done to its roots. It’s a difficult task that should be left for experts only.     After the re-plantation work is completed, you need to maintain and monitor the tree for many days. However, this job will be done by professionals, if you choose to hire expert’s help. Source: Free Articles from Sydney arborist offers complete range of tree services in the Northern Beaches and North Shore of Sydney. Trained in best practices, our fully insured team is ready for your call.