Posted on: 13 November, 2019

Author: Maria A Williams

For beautifying and improving residential or commercial properties, landscape design Sydney is the most effective method to apply. Chosen plants, trees, flowers add an element of beauty to the gardens and balconies. Few people know about the principles of landscaping. All of these principles together contribute to arrange different elements to get the desired landscape design. We are talking about the seven basic landscape principles: unity, balance, proportion, transition, emphasis, rhythm and repetition. Each of these principles has its purpose and depth. In the landscape, unity refers to the connection of all elements and theirs acting together to achieve the final result. Internal connectivity creates design consistency. Balance means achieving equilibrium, giving a sense of equality. Proportion is the most noticeable element of the landscape. Transition refers to the gradual movement of the size of the plants or their colour intensity. The same goes for texture and form. Emphasis means focusing on a fundamental part of the design, such as the use of contrasting colours or unique lines. The rhythm allows "jumping" from one design element to another, creating a sense of movement. Repetition is the last but not the least significant principle of landscape design. This principle applies to repeating elements of the same colour, shape or texture. Otherwise, you get a boring design if different and unrelated elements are involved. If you think that you cannot apply the seven principles of landscaping, consider seeking the help of a landscape professional. He has the experience and qualifications to create the design of your dreams. Before commencing this process, it is advisable to set a final budget that you would not exceed. You also need to decide how much time you would spend to maintain the landscape since the design complexity depends on it. You may want a pond or swimming pool, but if you did not have enough time to maintain it, it would be wasted money. Professional help is needed because of the choice of trees and plants. Some types of trees provide a balance in the garden or balcony. Other plants require special living conditions. You also need to know basic things about your garden, such as irrigation and drainage, lighting etc. If you are one of those who are not well educated in this industry, it is best to hire a landscape design Sydney company. Source: Free Articles from Call Brian; an expert in landscape design Sydney on 0409 035 418 for more information about your landscape project.