Posted on: 15 July, 2018

Author: Bruce Markey

Leaky pipes can cause extensive damage to a house’s structure. Timely plumbing repairs can help check the problem before it ends up costing you a lot. It is not always possible to detect water leaks at homes. Small leaks can be present for a long time causing damage over the years. When you finally notice the leak, the damage to the wall’s internal structure may be quite extensive.Recognizing Water LeaksEven if the water leak is subtle at first, there may be signs around the house that you can easily recognize. Small water stains in the ceiling or the walls can indicate leaky pipes. If water is leaking from an air conditioner, you will be able to see stains around the machine. Water stains can also appear around the sink and the dishwasher.Discoloration or peeling paint with dampness around it can indicate water damage. If a room has a leaky pipe inside its walls, it might appear a bit colder than the rest of the house. Water-damaged walls can also smell odd. Leaky pipes can even cause water stains on the flooring or cause sagging in the dry walls. Your rising water bill may also be an indication that you may have a leak inside the house.It is important to recognize any minor or major water leak without delay and take action to repair it immediately. If you suspect a water leak at your home but can’t see any obvious signs of it; it can be helpful to call professionals to find it. For instance, if you need a professional for leak detection in Los Angeles, call a licensed plumber for a thorough evaluation of your property before the damage becomes too extensive.Water Leaks and the Related DamageLeaky pipes can ruin your walls and flooring to quite an extent. The repair work for such structural damage may end up costing you a lot. You may even need to replace the carpeting or the dry wall due to water damage.Water leaks can cause permanent rings or stains on the walls and these do not fade away easily. If you decide to not tackle them immediately, these marks can look unsightly and ruin the look of your home. The leaking water can also come in contact with the electrical wiring in your home and pose a risk to you and your family.Water leaks almost always lead to mold. Mold at homes can be a danger to your health as spores from these germs can spread in the air and enter your lungs. Mold and spores can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Mold can also quickly spread as these germs thrive in moist conditions.The mustiness around the house can become a breeding ground for germs. Within a short amount of time, water leaks can make your home a safe haven for bacteria and mold and a dangerous place for you and your family.Whether you need to tackle leak detection in Los Angeles or any other area, it is better to do so without delay. Source: Free Articles from Honest Plumbing & Rooter Inc. is a full-service plumbing company specializing in sewer repair, leak detection and prevention, plus emergency plumbing services in all of Los Angeles County, Burbank, Silverlake, Highland Park, and nearby areas. For more information, visit