Posted on: 05 January, 2020

Author: Anna Summers

Planters are containers that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, for growing plants, flowers, herbs and even ornamental foliage. Planters come in a large array of materials. When choosing a planter, look for the type of material to withstand the elements that your planter and plants will be exposed to. For outside planters, you will want to choose a durable product among the types to consider are as follows: 1) Wood — wood planters made out of cedar, teak or shorea tend to be the most durable and weather resistant. They can be beautifully painted or stained to accent your decor and many have lovely designs made out of the wood itself to add depth and dimension to the planter. 2) Metal — these planters add a more modern accent to any backyard or garden. They come in many types, such as copper, bronze, cast iron as well as stainless and galvanized steel. Metal planter are often accented with beautiful scroll work or the tops may be fluted to add character and charm. They are very durable and rugged, but be careful as they may damage your plants when they overheat in the summer or warmer days or when the cold and frost hits. This is due to the thermal activity of the metal. 3) Concrete or Stone — These planters are great for an outdoor garden or around a beautiful pool area, are routinely available in the shape of a large urn and favor the heavy side. They are generally very decorative, durable and resistant to wind. They may also have raised features on the outside to add to the attractiveness of your area. these are perfect at the entry way of your home, at the front gate or entry way to your home as well as atop a column for an extra classy appearance. 4) Plastic — plastic planters are very affordable and made of a durable resin that is great for retaining water. They simulate stone and are available in a wide range of color, sizes, shapes and styles. They are lightweight and easy to transport or move if needed, due to in climate weather or to move indoor for winter. 5) Wicker — Wicker planters made of resin like plastic are a very popular trend these days. They are great outdoors and are light, but great for a variety of plants or vegetables. They can be found in a multitude of colors, shapes and sizes and are the perfect accent to your outside wicker patio furniture. 6) Ceramic — Ceramic planters are fragile, but very colorful as well as decorative. These tend to be on the heavier side like the stone or concrete pots, but are an appealing addition to any outdoor space. 7) Fiberglass — fiberglass planters are made out of a lightweight material and easy to move. They are come in a variety of colors and sized to accent any outdoor garden area. Picking the proper material for the plant and aesthetic accent to your outdoor space is essential. Also picking the right size or grouping of sizes will also add to the charm and feeling that you want to convey to your guests. Grouping planters together will bring the feeling of creativeness. Three planters of the same style but different sizes adds a traditional and concise look to your space, whereas, grouping different materials as well as sizes and shapes adds a more modern or eclectic feel to your area. Source: Free Articles from Anna Summers has always been interested in growing plants and watching them flourish.  She currently helps run a website where they sell a variety of Grow Supplies to fit every need.  Many brands and styles for every business venture or hobby.  Shop their selection today!  You can visit their site at