Posted on: 12 September, 2019

Author: Riley Evans

Bed bugs thrive on blood which they suck while you are trying to sleep peacefully. Bedbugs Control Melbourne is of utmost importance as the bugs feast on human blood.   You have ever had to deal with these disgusting bloodsucking insects, and then you know how important bed bug extermination services to you and your family. These highly traveled rust colored oval insects are only 4 to 5mm long, but at night while you are sleeping they will engorge themselves with your blood leaving blood spots on your mattress and itchy red welts on your skin. If you are allergic these red welts can become infected leaving blisters and pustules. Bed bugs are primarily spread by travelers from one hotel to another, transporting them in their luggage unsuspectingly and even under the cleanest of conditions on the part of the traveler. The traveler then brings them home spreading them throughout the home and the family. Once these bloodsucking, disease carrying insects have been detected, they must be dealt with immediately by a fully licensed pest control professional. If bed bugs are not treated immediately and properly, it can take at least 7 months or better to fully clean a home of these disgusting creatures. First of all, you cannot just clean the room where the bed bugs were discovered, the whole house must be cleansed because of the amount of eggs that a female can lay and the ability, due to the bed bugs shape and size to maneuver and escape into the tiniest of crevasse. The importance of contacting a pest control specialist, when it comes to properly dealing with bed bugs cannot be stressed enough, only a fully licensed pest control specialist is qualified to handle the pesticides that are required to fully eradicate these parasitic pests. Your home will need to be encased and pesticides pumped into it to ensure that the nuisance is fully taken care of. As a traveler there are certain precautions that you can take to guard yourself against these bloodsuckers. First of all, you should keep your entire luggage away from the bed, and if possible in another room altogether. Next you should perform your own inspection of the room to see if you can identify any telltale signs of infestation. Pull back the linen of your mattress and look to see if you see any spotting or bug movement. Then look around the headboard and the side tables. Believe it or not when you are traveling you best weapon against the bed bug is your blow dryer, so keep one handy! There are some precautions that you as the homeowner can take to help prevent an infestation. The first of which is to encase your mattress with a special bed bug slipcover. If after you have been traveling, wash your clothing on the hot setting. But most of all and most importantly if you have any thought or feeling of an infestation, contact your Professional Pest Control Melbourne because this is the best bed bug extermination services that you can perform. Article Tags: Extermination Services, Pest Control Source: Free Articles from Riley Evans is a proffesional blogger and cleaning manager in a reputative cleaning and pest company in Australia. He always write blogs and article on cleaning tips, DIY cleaning, cleaning produdtcs and many more.