Posted on: 12 December, 2019

Author: Anna Summers

Gardening tools come in many shapes, sizes and functions. Tools are pieces to help with the cultivation of flowers, herbs, fruits or gardens of any type. An outdoor garden, green house garden or hydroponic garden; whether in a grow tent or larger grow space will benefit from the "right tools for the right job". Gardening can be very relaxing and stress reducing, especially if you have the tools to make the job easier. It can also be very rewarding to watch your plants grow and flourish right before your eyes. Choosing gardening tools these days can be overwhelming. The choices are wide and far, not only are you able to shop online, but in store the multitude of tools is astounding. You have the option of an expensive, long-lasting tool or an inexpense tool that may or may not last. Choosing the right tool that fits your budget is very obtainable in the market today. When setting up your garden, take note of the following:1) Tools required to make the job easier2) Have the right tools for the right purpose3) Invest in quality and trusted tools, so ensure that they will stand the test of time (and work load)4) Have a proper storage space (clean and dry) for your tools to promote a long lifespan and avoid unnecessary rust.5) Take care of your tools by keeping them oiled or cleaned after each use, if required. Choosing the right tool for the job:1) Rake - a hand rake is a must for any type of garden, it plays a vital role in loosening the top soil and allowing your plants to receive the maximum nutrients from the soil. It may also be used to clean up your garden from dry leaves, debris or loose dirt. A metal rake with hand grips that fit your hands will make your gardening experience enjoyable. 2) Garden Hose - these have several purposes, including watering your plant, the lawn or washing your car. Rubber hoses are more flexible and less likely to get cuts or splits, but are usually a little more expensive. Thicker hoses are less likely to kink, in turn will ensure that you have a constant, steady flow of running water. Hoses come in a variety of colors, and lengths and weight. The length of a hose will also determine the weight (the longer the hose, the heavier it will be). 3) Shovels - this is an essential gardening tool. Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials; choose the one type that best fits your needs. 4) Garden Fork - this resembles a shovel, but has pointed spikes used like a rake. They are usually metal with a wooden handle and are great to move dirt in your garden. 5) Pruning Shears - these are essential to prune your plants or cut and trim unwanted branches and weeds. They are great to help shape your plants to allow for effective growth. After each use, rinse in water, dry and cover with a protective cover before storing. 6) Hand Trowel - this small tool is used for both cultivation and weeding. Look for trowels with metal handles coated with rubber to prevent it from bending or breaking. Most trowels have a hole drilled into the handle to allow for easy hanging in your shed or garage. 7) Gloves - this is one of the most crucial items to possess for cultivating your plants. We all know that weeds as well as many plants and flowers have thorns and pests may sting. These will prevent blisters as well as protect your hands from getting pricked or scratched. Owning the right variety of gardening tools is key to an enjoyable gardening experience and taking care of your tools will allow them to last for years to come. Each tool has its own purpose and allows for better plant growth and a cleaner, well-balanced grow space. Article Tags: Gardening Tools Source: Free Articles from Anna Summers has always been interested in gardening, while using the appropriate tools to do the job and seeing the benefits through the growth of plants, flowers and herbs. She currently helps run a website where they sell all types of grow supplies. Shop their wide selection today; you can visit their site at: